Purity Browser

Browse by faith, not by sight

Features to help you break free.

Block images/videos

Recover from visual “overstimulation”. Browse text-only. Back to basics!

Block adult sites

Major adults sites are blocked by default. Maintain online purity. Flee temptation.

Lock other browser/apps

One tap to lock all other browsers, lock any app you wish.

Safe Search enforced

Stay safe when searching on major search engines like Google.

Accountability notifications

Your buddy is notified whenever you visit a suspicious site, uninstall, unsubscribe.

Block sites by keywords

Block by in-URL keywords. Whenever “keyword” is detected, Purity will block it.

Pin protect Purity

Make it super hard to get rid the Purity with a 4-digit pin that your buddy sets.

Gotta say I'm impressed after using app for a couple days. I love that the black/whitelist is built into the browser, works well. The keyword blocking feature works better than any I've used to this point
Michael Langdon
I didn't understand how useful this app would be until I got into using it regularly. It's able to hide ALL images on the web, which I hadn't realized is exactly what I needed.
Christian Johnson
Great app, what's neat is that in addition to it blocking certain sites, you can also add/ custom-block sites as well. It has the capability of not loading ANY images or videos from websites.
A Google user

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