A Practical Example of a Healthy Relationship.

A Practical Example Of A Healthy Relationship

Humans are social beings, and we look for social support in our relationships. A bad relationship can be harmful, especially a romantic one. It can hurt our mental health. It can lead to anxiety, stress, and depression in some cases. On the other hand, a good relationship makes us stronger and more content.

Even if a relationship has been going steady for a while, it has its ups and downs. We are happy most time. But sometimes, we wonder if this is the right thing for us. We ask ourselves: Is my relationship good? Is it a healthy relationship? It is difficult to tell if our partner is right for us. Each relationship is unique and hence impossible to compare. But we can check if our relationship follows some of the accepted standards of a healthy relationship. Even though it is difficult to decide if one’s partner is right for them, we can help others understand if they are in a healthy relationship.

What Is A Healthy Relationship?

A healthy relationship makes us feel happy and secure. We feel safe and loved. There is mutual trust and respect for each other. We both have the right to our opinions and can share them freely. We help each other grow personally and professionally and support each other in difficult times. We are faithful to one another and are not insecure. We give each other privacy and are not overly intrusive. For a relationship to bloom, we must give our partners some space. We let them have private time with friends and parents without feeling insecure. We need not tag along in their plans all the time. We share great physical chemistry and love to spend romantic time together. We work as a team rather than as individuals. We are disciplinedtowards the relationship and make time for each other.We feel a sense of fulfillment and connection. We feel wholesome and learn good things from our partners. We are selfless and work towards mutual benefit.

What are the standards for ahealthy relationship?

  1. Good communication

    We love to talk about and share our lives. We don’t judge the other person. We freely express our likes and dislikes. We also communicate our expectations in bed and ensure that our partner is also satisfied. We do not say negative or hurtful things to each other. We are polite and caring when expressing our concerns and disagreements.

  2. Trust, faithfulness, and respect

    We trust each other and don’t keep doubting our partners. We are faithful to them and do not flirt with others or cheat on them. We do not keep secrets from each other. We respect and treat each other as equals.

  3. Boundaries

    We respect each other’s boundaries. Give and get space. We make the other person comfortable in our companionship. We are allowed to stay connected with our friends and parents. We are free to pursue the activities we enjoy without being controlled.

  4. Consent

    We have a great sexual relationship, but it is also consensual. We do not force ourselves on our partners and respect their decision when they decline sex. One may want to stop mid-way—and we should be ok with it. We should not do anything that makes our partners uncomfortable. Experimenting in bed is a great way of spicing up our sex lives. But if our partner is not game for it, we should respect it and not guilt trip them into doing it.

  5. Physical or emotional abuse

    There is no room for any form of abuse towards one’s partner. Violence in a relationship is a crime. In some situations, the abuse is very discreet or indirect. Throwing a punch into the wall and not at you is also violence. It is done to instill fear.

  6. Individuality and acceptance

    In a healthy relationship, we can be ourselves without fear of being judged and are free to make mistakes. We are loved for who we are and feel appreciated. We don’t have to pretend to be someone else to please our partner. We should be accommodating and compromise in the relationship, but at the same time, also maintain our unique identities. We should accept our partner’s personal choices, such as food habits, dressing sense, or choices in movies and shows.

  7. Conflicts

    We handle conflicts peacefully. We patiently listen to our partners when they are angry or upset. We work to find a resolution rather than walking out on each other. We try to understand our partner’s point of view. We are patient listeners and not judgemental. We respect our partners even when angry and give them unconditional love.

  8. Time

    We love to spend time with each other and make an effort to spend quality time together.

What to look for in anew relationship? Is myrelationship good?

When a relationship is new, be patient and give it time. Some people take time to open up and let you into their lives. Hence, judging someone too quickly will be detrimental to our relationship. Look out for red flags such as violent behavior, criminal tendencies, and inappropriate behavior. When the relationship is new, be patient and give it time. Some people take time to open up and let you into their lives. We should be careful of controlling partners who try to manipulate us. Partners who try to change us and control our behavior can make us anxious or distressed. Address behavior that bothers us, that we find unacceptable. Part ways with partners who refuse to respect our boundaries and give us personal space. Constant criticism and hurtful words weaken a relationship in the long term.

Is myrelationship good? What are the advantages of a good relationship?

A healthy relationship reduces daily stress. Studies have shown that people in committed relationships deal with stress better and produce less cortisol, a stress hormone. There is an improvement in our health as there is someone to remind us to eat better, take our medicines, or visit a doctor when unwell. They take care of us when we are sick, bringing us back to health sooner. A loving relationship gives us a sense of well-being and purpose. Better care of health improves our quality of life and longevity.

Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Iran, conducted a study on the impact of emotional stress on physical health. The results found that emotional stress led to the loss of appetite, indigestion, malabsorption of nutrients in the intestines, and increased inflammation.

In 2018, the American Heart organization studied the correlation between emotional stress in women and cardiac conditions. It showed that emotional stress was more detrimental to women’s health than men’s. It increased the chances of heart ailments in women. These conditions caused due to underlying stress had poorer recoveries as well.

How To Tell If Someone Is Happy In Their Relationship?

We love to spend time with our partners and look forward to meeting them. We do not look for excuses to avoid them. The positive reinforcement from the relationship makes us do better at work and in our personal lives. We feel energized and driven. We are not just romantic partners but also great friends. We understand each other and share our secrets with them. We feel more confident and good about ourselves. We love not only our partners but also ourselves.

We all deserve a chance at love and happiness. Open your hearts to your partners and embrace emotional and physical well-being.

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